The purpose of IARF SACC is to work for freedom of religion and belief, because it is a precious human right that potentially enables the best within our religious lives, or our search for the truth of enlightenment, to flourish.

Inter-Faith Activities

IARF-SACC promotes interfaith understanding and religious tolerance. Inter-Faith activities foster opportunities for religious understanding, dialogue and celebration among the different faith communities and it seeks to build a strong network of interfaith leaders.

Peace Events

IARF-SACC regularly holds events related to peace promotion.

Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education (HRE) programs extending to communities an awareness of the UDHR’s Article 18; the right to freedom of belief and promote inter-religious dialogue.

Young Adult (YA)

Young Adult networking and training in religious freedom activism, in collaboration with regional non-profit organizations. Our network is known as RFYN (Religious Freedom Young Adult Network).